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Tea Time in Chinatown

Today Shelly and I spent the afternoon in Seattle's Chinatown with Pierce, visiting his Wu-Shu and Tai Chi academy, eating Chinese BBQ, dropping in on the Chinese herbalist, and checking out the sights and history of the district. We saw lots of things worth babbling about, but by far the best portion of the afternoon was having tea with Jason, a tea master and importer of Chinese teas of many kinds. We drank Bai Hao Oolong, and it was heavenly, even peachy.

Parking Gods Frowned on Me; A View Over the District

Dragon Gate of the Bing Kung Association

Ancestral Shrine of the Four Families at the Tai Chi Academy

Three Views of Henghe Park

The pagoda and high-tech restroom

Officers having a chat with a local

Mural at Maynard and King

Among other clients, Jason's CC Tea Company provides tea for the Tazo tea brand. His more upscale teas are sold under his own Lu Yu brand, named after the Chinese poet and saint Lu Yu, wrote the first book of tea cultivation and preparation. Jason also imports a patent tea brewer and green tea oil. Sitting and having tea with him taught me more about CHinese tea in 30 minutes than I'd learned in the last 10 years — and I was amazed that he could brew eight pots of tea from a single set of leaves, but he did it right in front of our eyes. He's got several patents, on brewing devices and containers. His organic teas have been consistent prize-winners, and his love of tea is obvious in the way he talks about the finished product and the tea gardens where he grows his tea with his partners.

Fortunately, the Lu Yu Tea Company offers free samples every Sunday at the Uwajimaya market. I'd like to propose an expedition there this Sunday around noon to do a little tea drinking, perhaps combined with a trip to see "House of Flying Daggers." Who's in?


Dec. 29th, 2004 06:44 am (UTC)
Fair enough.

If I am feeling especially puckish, I'll just set the time and place, and fail to show up myself. ;)

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