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Genuine Faux Gothic Library

I wrote 2400 words today, but the beauty of it is *where* I wrote them: at the desk of New Deal Democrat and Senator Warren G. Magnuson, in the hall of the Suzzallo Library. The Senator's desk is a fine old mahogany number, and open to the public. I propped up the laptop, spread out the papers, and awaited the first lobbyists.

The hall itself is as, John Rateliff described it, "a West Coast copy of an East Coast imitation of British and European libraries." And he's right, but I don't care that it's a copy. It feels like the Reading Room of the British Library, or maybe the dining hall at Hogwarts. Better still, it has no Wi-Fi, and thus, no distractions from writing.

I never would have found this little gem without a lunch invite from John, who apparently has known about this übercool venue for some time. I'm happy that he let me in on it. I also met some of the Mythopoeic Society folks for lunch. Great crowd; they talked about books and books, including titles from Mythopoeic Press like a forthcoming set of essays on Peter Jackson. Afterwards, more writing.

It'll be a shame when classes resume and the students inevitably return. Until then, Suzzallo is all mine.


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Dec. 30th, 2004 06:03 am (UTC)
It was grand to have you join us for lunch today. :)

Isn't the Reading Room wonderful? It's hard to believe i've worked at the U since april of this year and lived in the U-District since april of last year, but i didn't make my way into Suzzallo until just the other week when the_andy and i attended the Seattle Medieval Women's Choir's winter concert in the Reading Room. From where we sat we had exactly no view of the choir, but we didn't care much as we were both so entranced by looking around at the Room. I really ought to try to get down there more often.
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