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Today I mowed the lawn and dug the weeds in the front yard. Voluntarily. This may come as a shock to my blood relatives.

Many years ago, I thought my parents were crazy for gardening, and especially for turning any section of (mowable) grass into (waterable, weedable, trimmable, chore-centric) garden plots. I hated weeding and trimming and so forth, but I'm finally coming around. In fact, yesterday, when Shelly brought home 20 pots of lavender, thyme, boxwood, bay laurel, red hot poker, a butterfly bush, and a monkey puzzle tree, I was both delighted (more plants!) and disappointed (I didn't get to go to the nursery!). This bunch are already brightening up the front porch, and will mostly go toward container gardening. I'm mildly amazed that my botanically correct wife chose a horde of invasive aliens, but they are all great plants. If we just pick up some prairie sage and black or golden bamboo, we'll be set.

Other things Ifound today: we do, in fact, already have some ferns growing around the house. They were totally choked by California poppies and morning glory, but they are nicely situated right by the spout coming down from the gutters. If you don't already know it, morning glory is the bane of my gardening life. In addition to choking my ferns, they were also getting behind the siding of the house. The runners are long, white, stringy roots that went about 4 to 5 feet up, looking for... mice? A water main? I wouldn't put it past them. Ripping them out by the roots was supremely satisfying.

Anyone else got a garden?


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Jun. 28th, 2003 01:10 pm (UTC)
No but I kind of want one. Im half tempted to just build a planter box and put it on the balcony at my apartment. It gets a ton of sun in the afternoon so it might work. I just dont know what I want to grow...legally.
Jun. 28th, 2003 06:24 pm (UTC)
spaet kommt er, doch er kommt (herum)
Jun. 29th, 2003 08:54 am (UTC)
Blood Relatives Shocked, Indeed
Well, luckily I was forewarded that you might be heading "that way" when you came to visit and helped (voluntarily!) to move heaps mounds of mulch. I quietly hid my surprise, as not to have you change your mind.

Gardening: it's the new yoga. The new golf? It's the new something ...

-- you know perfectly well who
Jun. 29th, 2003 08:58 am (UTC)
Plants: How to experience them
Hmm. Lawn. Taste good? No, yucky.

How about this part? No, yucky.

How about leaf? No, yucky.

[etc. etc. and so the day passes ...]

-- Annabel
( 4 sutras — Your wisdom )

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