Wolfgang Baur (the_monkey_king) wrote,
Wolfgang Baur


Today was the tea-and-flying-daggers outing, which started rather well (if all too quickly) at Uwajimaya. We did pick up some Lu Yu oolong and Pocky sticks. The movie was a melodrama (mostly in a good way). However, I found myself watching the camera technique and dissecting structure rather more than I expected from a martial-arts film — not a good sign. The combat sequences were good, but, like Hero, I found myself distracted rather than drawn in. Despite that, some of the eye candy was completely worth it, and House of Flying Daggers is easily ★★★½☆, and worth a matinee.

Tonight I fired up the grill to do up a buffalo steak with a chili-garlic-pepper rub (thanks sis). Definitely a good, tasty present that I'll be using again. I've been doing a lot of marinades, but I think I got just as much flavor out of the rub, without requiring 1 to 4 hours prep time for the marinade to kick in properly. Paired with butternut squash and a Barnard Giffin cabernet, dinner was a fine capper to a foodie day.
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