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Code Name: Snow Goblin

Last night I kicked off my latest adventure playtest, with Stan!, Jason, oni_anne, and Sigfried. It went well, with a lot of laughs, some fine character concepts, and helpful commentary on the hook and the opening encounters. Yes, I should have downloaded the Game Mechanics' freebie initiative cards before they game, but it worked out. I've already got a good set of modifications and additions, and we just played through the first four encounters or so.

Stan has this habit of sketching quick cartoons during gaming sessions, and it was the same last night. They're always pretty damn funny: silly cultists during Cthulhu games, foolish dwarves and rubber halflings during the playtest. They're always done rough and ready with ballpoint, but I think their immediacy is a big part of their charm.

I hope he'll post a few on his site, or maybe we'll see some of the jokes in one of his drawings down the road. I keep thinking he could collect these as a "From the Gaming Table" page-a-day for gamers, but I keep forgetting to suggest it. Consider it suggested.


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Jan. 10th, 2005 04:48 pm (UTC)
It was fun!
Sig here,

Had a great time at the game, Stan, and Jason were great, the food was great, and the GM was excelent. A relaxing and higly amusing game. Now if only I could pin down my "vaugely middle eastern accent." and stop wandering into various french, english and indian interpretations of the swuave hobbit thief. Perhaps thats just his way of making himself feel more stylish. :> Ya thats the ticket...

Anyway big thanks Wolf and Shelly for a fine evening.

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