Wolfgang Baur (the_monkey_king) wrote,
Wolfgang Baur

Project Snow Goblin Complete!

Playtest ran for the third session tonight, and I did most of the cooking. The grilled spicy chicken turned out very well (I used a pepper/chili rub for great flavor) and grilled asparagus is always a crowd pleaser. I've got a full tank of propane and I'm itching to use it.

The playtest ended well, though I clearly need to tune the grand finale a bit. The magnificent quartet of playtesters included Stan!, Jason, Sigfried, and oni_anne. Both the players and the game were excellent, and revealed a few more flaws in the initial design; for some reason, I kept steering the gameplay in a less violent, more RP direction over the course of the night.

The hapless paladin and the not-as-suave-as-he-thinks halfling provided many laughs, though everyone got their moment in the sun. I'm pleased with the way the scenes unfolded and built on one another and if the conclusion wasn't quite as big a finish as I'd hoped, well, that's easy to fix. It's an adventure about a rather mysterious little dwelling, and it hangs together pretty well. I just wish it weren't constrained by a maximum word count; I could probably add 30% to the overall length and still be quite happy with the result.

Word of the Night: Sacrelicious!
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