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Marsupial Terror Strikes!

I've been grilling a lot of burgers, bratwurst, pork chops, chicken, salmon, and vegetables lately. The process involves fire releasing fat drizzlings that drip off the grill and into a catch basin underneath, which then are promptly forgotten in the frenzy of seared meat and fish. Apparently I should be more diligent in removing said catch basin from the grill, because last night the Wilderness came for a visit, three feet long and full of attitude. This was not a quiet visit: it was a full-on, snout-first, are-the-neighbors-rattling-their-garbage-cans sort of visit. Since I live in the city, I wasn't really prepared for it.

At first, I was convinced the noise had to be coming from the alley. Nothing in our yard could possibly make that much noise.
Just to be sure, I turned on the porch light, and what do I see but an enormous, 15-pound King of Opossums with its freaky misshapen white head stuck all the way under the grill cover.I flash the porch lights at it. No reaction. I try a camera flash (hey, weird animal photos!). No reaction. I don't really want to go out and get bitten, but what the heck, I'm bigger and it's my damn grill. The moment I open the door, it bolts down the stairs and off into the dark. I go back to sleep, triumphant.

The opossum bided its time and returned an hour later. It made less noise the second time around, but it was clearly still attacking the grill. I opened the back door, chased it off again, and took the dripping pan away. End of visit.

The dog wisely slept through the whole thing.


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Feb. 15th, 2005 03:21 pm (UTC)
I can remember the opossums - one time while I was still working for the research company in Tacoma, I spotted one that must have been the twin of your opossum skittering around on the roof of the lower level of our office from our breakroom window.

And that says nothing about the raccoons that used to bully the neighborhood cats.
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