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10 Things You Haven't Done

Normally I avoid quiz memes and the like. But this one is pretty good, and so, Ten Things I Have Done that Most of You Probably Haven't.

1) Slept on the floor of the Venice train station, and was rousted by the police in the morning.
2) Helped build a wire model for Buckminster Fuller, which he used in a lecture. It broke during the demonstration. Afterwards, I got his autograph and was amazed at how gracious a genius can be.
3) Travelled behind the Iron Curtain, when there was one. A sure way to learn to love the West.
4) Climbed down a Swiss mountain without climbing up it. A neat trick that left me unable to descend stairs for a week.
5) Swam with a shark in Mexico, by the Mayan ruins of Xel Ha. Then visited a Mayan cave temple where sacrifices were still recently offered.
6) Hitchhiked to the stone circle at Avebury. Truckers rule.
7) Walked across the town square where "Groundhog Day" was filmed. Walked across it every day for a year.
8) Put on a dust mask and explored the haunted/condemned parts of Seattle's Chinatown.
9) Visited an old Hapsburg hunting lodge and lost count of the tens of thousands of antlers, stuffed birds, etc. Read Franz Ferdinand's "kill log". The 20th century was creepy.
10) Watched the stars atop Mauna Kea at New Years.

Yes, I love to travel. It's a beautiful world.


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Feb. 22nd, 2005 08:32 pm (UTC)
Worth it, though. Started in the snow around dawn, and was down at the lakes and meadows by early afternoon. The pain didn't kick in until the next day.
Feb. 22nd, 2005 08:20 pm (UTC)
So cool!

Feb. 22nd, 2005 08:44 pm (UTC)
6. Aw, yeah. That was the only way to get there unless you rented a car or took the once-a-week bus that went through (and then waited for the next once-a-week bus to get out of town). I was picked up by a lovely couple who invited me to visit them the next time I was passing through whatever small town they lived in; but of course I never made it there.
Feb. 22nd, 2005 08:46 pm (UTC)
Oh, wait, I've done #4, too. Took the ski-lifts at Meiringen and then hiked down. If I hadn't been walking 10 miles a day for a month I would have died; and even so I wore out a pair of shoes every two days when I was in Switzerland.
Feb. 22nd, 2005 09:28 pm (UTC)
Yeah, for such a vertical country, it's remarkable hikable.

I took the gondola to the Zug-spitze, but it's the same story. Well, that and they have a breakfast buffet waiting on top of the mountain for you, in a lodge with a view. Remarkably civilized people, the Swiss.
Feb. 22nd, 2005 10:28 pm (UTC)
Ooh! Ooh! I swam at Xel Ha, too, but not with sharks. Instead I swam with a swarm of newly hatched baby fish.

And I've been to Avebury, but not by hichiking there.

Cool stuff!
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