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shellyinseattle and I went to the Seattle Kennel Club's show down at Qwest Field Event Center, and it was a good time. We watched the grooming backstage; lots of blowdryers and shears on these dogs. Also some bitchy comments from the owners about the judging; I'm waiting for the next reality show to come along, maybe titled "Best of Breed" or the like.

Then off to the rings, where we watched agility trials, the shiba inu group, and the Tibetan spaniel group. I had no idea that the lower-level groups were so heavily divided; dogs and bitches judged separately, puppies in two age categories, and so on. I learned that the shiba inu comes in three other colors besides red (sesame, black, and white).

The best part of the show was visiting with the various dogs and their owners afterwards. We met an enormous malamute (huge and equipped with both backpack and sled), a Borzoi named Diesel (very friendly for a dog bred to kill wolves in the Russian winter), and some King Charles spaniels (silky fur, but sort of dull lap animals). Plus a Tibetan spaniel puppy named Tito at his first show. The puppy just about exploded with excitement before it went into the ring but was very calm about everything afterwards.

For those in the Seattle area, the show continues on Sunday. Fun for outgoing dog lovers who just need an excuse to meet some new breeds.


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Mar. 13th, 2005 06:22 am (UTC)
tempting to go to see the corgis... We want one...

You've seen Best in Show, haven't you? Sounds a lot like that.
Mar. 13th, 2005 06:31 am (UTC)
Yeah, it was a little like that.

Lots of Dobermans and golden retrievers, a very few bloodhounds, Neapolitan mastiffs, beagles. Some terrific corgis. Actually seeing a papillon next to the malamute was pretty damn funny.

The "dog show people" definitely fell into amateur and pro categories, but they were all quite friendly. Breeders were available at some of the breed associations.
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