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I'm back at the Teahouse Kuan Yin, a place for hardcore tea lovers that seems to be working for me as a writing nook. As many hot water refills as you like + shortbeard + late hours = 5,000 words in the last week.

Last week I tried the sencha jin, this week it's the hojicha. Hojicha is a strange sort of Japanese tea, though not as strange as pu-erh. The tea-makers take whole tea leaves and roast them. This makes it technically a green tea (it's unfermented), and it tastes like a green tea, but the color is the same as a black tea.

My mouth doesn't believe what my eyes are telling me. The fact that the roasting reduces the caffeine content a little means I can drink multiple pots and still sleep at night.


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Mar. 14th, 2005 02:30 am (UTC)

I really need to hit that spot on the April 9th weekend -- in other words, the next time I'm down in Seattle. I figure this will be the very last time I play in a competitive L5R event. Wolf, are you going to come out of the woodwork for Leon's Kotei?
Mar. 14th, 2005 04:40 pm (UTC)
Mmmmm, i love hojicha. It's what i have in the thermos here at work today, in fact.

Have you ever tried genmaicha? A Japanese green tea with popped rice in it. Another interesting experience in green tea. I had my mother order some for Andy for Christmas the other year and the box came damaged. She was quite worried about "how all the popcorn got into the tea" and tried to pick it out. Then she realized there was rice in the tea, too, and worried that maybe the "popcorn" was supposed to be in there after all -- so she tried to put it back in. Mom is, as you may guess, not a tea drinker.
( 2 sutras — Your wisdom )

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