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Alliterates Update

My fellow Alliterates toasted the departure of the indefatigable Stan! at our meeting yesterday, and talked about Hollywood, chapter sizing, various new and old projects and acquaintances, and the usual writerly obsessions. Not to mention Dr. Who, the theatre, and the difference between edgy and unpublishable.

There's a certain concern about our declining numbers in the West Coast chapter; three members have moved away in the last year or so. We'll probably invite some guests around to see if any of them might fit in as Allits, and then make a decision. Since the group is only open to published genre authors in the Seattle area, the pool of serious candidates is fairly small. Maybe I'll find a contender at the Writer's Weekend, coming up in a hurry in early June.

I'm at the halfway point in the book, 50,000 words into the first draft. This puts me back where I was in mid-February, when I decided to cut a number of big scenes to simplify the storyline. It's still good progress; I've got starts on a couple new chapters, rolled some expository text into a chapter *almost* smoothly, and have resolved several complications to my own satisfaction, and others within the outline. It's coming along.

I suspect I'll wind up writing 150,000 words for a 100,000 or 120,000 word novel, but there don't seem to be any shortcuts available when learning how to write a novel. I'm discovering how to avoid certain basic mistakes just so that I can make brand new mistakes. I'm beginning to see why first novels are often treated as different from other works by the same author. If I were planning it all out from scratch at this point, I'd organize the scene outline and the throughline rather differently.

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