Wolfgang Baur (the_monkey_king) wrote,
Wolfgang Baur

BarCon Complete

I wrote my chunk for the day in one of my older haunts, a Tully's with comfy hotel seating. The book moved along pretty well, but I'm having second thoughts about some of the Alliterates' feedback. A scene I tried to add to show a particular character in a stronger light just doesn't seem right. In the past I might have fiddled with this for rather a long time. With my June deadline looming, I've shoved the issue aside with great force in favor of completing more of the first draft. Onward!

In any case, feeling virtuous with my day's writing done, I hit the road for NorWesCon. Shelly and I met up with Janna, Marci, Billy, and Wade, and I discovered that everyone there was introduced by their blog name at least once. I was kindly introduced to aynjel but didn't catch a RW name to go with the LJ handle. I attempt to make up for the LJness of Seattle fandom with the real names and link salad above, but really … the plague of online personas bleeding over into real-world conversation is unstoppable. My next set of biz cards (in time for Writer's Weekend) will feature this blog's URL as well as the usual phone and email addresses.

Our BarCon table chatted briefly with Mike Moscoe, Jay "Zeppelin King" Lake, and Loren Coleman as well. It was a very pleasant and writerly conversation about all the usual suspects: editors, wine, film, current projects. mimerki was kind enough to help me reverse-engineer a tarot reading for the book; apparently, people do sometimes request a particular result from a reading, but usually its for themselves rather than for a fictional character.

I found both a signed Eileen Gunn volume and a signed Kage Baker novel, Anvil of the World.

Finally, literally on our way out the door we ran into the always-clever Jonathan Tweet. We talked game-shop for a little while, as he's involved in the Hecatomb project that Hasbro is putting together. It's nice to see he's doing so well.

So really, I saw enough people to be entirely content with my convention non-attendance. My con limit seems to be about 4 to 6 hours. After that, I want out.
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