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Ok, Boing Boing pointed it out to me first, but qwantz is a genius. There's a great thread here about outlining various song lyrics as sets of nested notes. For example:

Regarding Istanbul

# Istanbul:
* not Constantinople
* a Turkish delight on a moonlit night

# Every girl in Istanbul:
* lives in Istanbul
* does not live in Constantinople

# Old New York:
* once New Amsterdam
* unsure why it was changed -> popular?

# Constantinople:
* long time gone
* got the works

I may have to work out the equivalent for, oh, something by Talking Heads. Maybe "Take Me to the River".

UPDATE: By an absolutely ridiculous coincidence, Constantinople was renamed as Istanbul exactly 75 years ago today. The city of Angora was renamed Ankara at the same time, but nobody sings about that one.
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