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Birthday, Book, Bhutan

It's my little sister's birthday. Happy birthday, sis! She threw a media party over the weekend, while I did the burn party. It's almost like we're related or something.

I went to Suzzalo and powered through 1400 words of the book this evening. Better words than average, and that made me happy after the recent grumbly "what the hell will I read? Can I really publish this?" I realized that I'm missing a "You kill Betty, you bastard!" scene in the book. It was an off week until today; I'm glad to be back on track. Ok, I'm beyond glad, I'm dizzy and delighted, because the schedule to "Done by June 8th" is pretty tight. If I stop to catch my breath, the ice weasels will totally devour me.

Anyway. No pressure.

At the library, the next page of Bhutan had been turned in the giant ping-pong-table-sized case, which delighted me in a childish way. For some reason, they turned it back to the title page, which is fine, but seeing text six inches high isn't as exciting as seeing photographs 7 feet high. So I guess I'll have to return to the library soon to see what page they pick next.


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Apr. 28th, 2005 12:39 pm (UTC)
Hey guy--congrats on all the progress on the book.

Keep me in mind if you want cold readers for your draft when it's ready. After all, I haven't read any of that novel for at least two years when The Green Muse last got together. ;)

And assuming it's kosher with me editors, I may be asking ye for a read-through of a novel draft of my own (which is looking soon--though this weekend's out for writing, since it's Beltane and I'm off to Madison for that occasion).
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