Wolfgang Baur (the_monkey_king) wrote,
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Oysters and a Grumpfest

I ate some great oysters last night: Stella Bay, Quilcenes, Fanny Bay. The hotel restaurant, Shuckers, knows their bivalves. That's the good news. In fact, it's been the highlight of the week.

The bad news is that progress on the book is imploding at the moment, and I wish that weren't so. It's been three days since I added anything to the manuscript. What makes this maddening is that I can see the end of the draft from where I am standing, and yet! Everything looks like junk, or I just haven't got the discipline to plow through the rough patch.

I'm ready to kick the dog, I swear. The temptation to start a new, more tractable project is strong, but I refuse to give in. I'm going to finish this damn book if it kills me.
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