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Progress for June 4

New Words: 696 1218
Total Words: 115,900
Pages: 382 384

Darling du Jour: Strangers and Familiars (Chapter Title)

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
115,900 / 120,000

The wordcount the past couple days has been weak, partly because I'm so close to the end (and curiously unwilling to finish the draft), and partly because Exciting New Projects are in the offing, including a précis for The Magister, about ten pages of notes for my "Playing God: Worldbuilding" seminar/discussion at Writer' s Weekend, some notes for "There is No Story Fairy" (a panel with evego), and so forth.

Unlike some panels that shall remain nameless, I'll be fully prepped for these. Hell, there may even be a handout for "Playing God: Worldbuilding".

Thurs, 8:30 PM Playing God: Worldbuilding
Friday, 3 PM There Is No Story Fairy: Overcoming Writing Myths
Friday, 4 PM Calling All Young Writers (with evego and Anna Genoese)
Saturday, 1 PM Shared Worlds (with scarlettina and Jim Butcher)
Saturday, 2:30 PM Reading

It seems that fellow Alliterate Lorelei Shannon will be there and will do a reading at 4:30 Saturday (expect scary goodness), and Mike McArtor of Dragon magazine fame will attend as well. He's also the irishninja you may have found lurking near your pint of Guinness on occasion. Pesky ninjas.

Apparently CascadiaCon is this year's NASFiC. Much like the Nebulas, I was blissfully unaware until scarlettina set me straight. I'm still debating attendance. The timing in early September seems good, but I'm doing a BarCon unless there's someone visiting from out of town who compels my attendance. In addition to the NW locals (and you know who you are), Joe W. Haldeman and C. J. Cherryh may show. Hm.

Ran into the last day of UW commencement on the way to/from the library (yes, they have 4 DAYS of this here). The students and their families were all grinning cheerfully in a perfect sunny day. The cameras clicked madly.

I've been reading Kage Baker's "The Life of the World to Come" (Amazon link). It's quite entertaining, even if it is a time travel book. It has... pirates! Yaarr!

And when I got home, the first strawberries of the season! Three of them, each no bigger than the tip of my thumb. Delicious.

Late Update: Went out writing at B&N. I am officially a Writing Nerd on a Saturday night. I was surrounded by bajillions of med students cramming for exams. They kept talking neomycin, potassium, milligrams, and indications and counterindications. It was strangely soothing.



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Jun. 5th, 2005 03:42 am (UTC)
Ran into the last day of UW commencement on the way to/from the library (yes, they have 4 DAYS of this here).

[grin] Sorry. I can't help but point out that commencement is really next saturday, the 11th. I think many departments hold their own mini-commencement ceremonies, but the Big Shebang is one week from today.

I'm more familiar with this than i'd like to be because my cube is situated inside the office that calculates grades and formally confers degress upon students.

So make that 5 days. :) And, trust me, you'll know it's commencement next weekend when the traffic goes beserk. The KUOW mantra for the day will be, "Stay outta Montlake."
Jun. 5th, 2005 04:47 am (UTC)
All I know is, there were many students in caps and gowns with loving families and proud parents and cameras wandering Red Square. Also, big UW signs saying "Commencement Caps and Gowns in By George" or something to that effect.

So maybe they were just getting the costuming ready for next weekend.

If that's what the distribution of the robes looks like, I can only imagine the actual commencement day. Fortunately, I'll be downtown all next weekend, eating chocolates and hobnobbing with the bookish sorts.
Jun. 5th, 2005 06:22 pm (UTC)
Writing while out
So, I've noticed quite the trend of "Wolfgang goes to place X to write".

No dice in using your study at home, is that it?
Jun. 5th, 2005 11:33 pm (UTC)
Re: Writing while out
At home, there's my cute but pushy dog and many other fine distractions. At the library or the coffeeshop, there are less distractions. Also, I frequent libraries and coffeeshops without Internet access. The net kills my productivity stone cold dead.

Also, the thing referred to as "my study" at home isn't really mine. Things disappear and reappear constantly, and piles of stuff get dumped on my work space with regularity. So, rather than fighting the tide, I just became a nomad by necessity.

It's a matter of finding a place where I can work undisturbed. And home is not that place.
( 4 sutras — Your wisdom )

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