Wolfgang Baur (the_monkey_king) wrote,
Wolfgang Baur

Writer's Weekend, Day 1

Drove over to the writer's conference after work today, and met peartreealley, the bartenders Charlie and God, designated barista butterflydrming, brother_che, frabjousdave, Scott H. and (briefly) Chaz, Michael Jacobs and a couple more fine folks.

I arrived too late for the panel on "Talking It In the Shorts: Accepting Critique", but I caught the opening ceremonies, which involved evego in a white wig, black leather, and heels. The tiara for the "Weekend Drama Queen" was also awarded. On the whole, a fine kickoff.

After the opening ceremonies, I kicked the stragglers out of the Olympic Room and gave my talk on Playing God: Worldbuilding. It was a goodish-sized audience, and I had many fine examples to throw out. Half I dreamed up myself, and half I had thanks to Zeb Cook, Grubb Street, and brainstormfront. The audience was a good one: they laughed at the right spots and asked good questions. I only wish I'd had time to write a second draft of the handout.

Tomorrow, two panels to listen and two panels to talk. The vibe is definitely that of a tiny con, down to the somewhat tattered hotel, but I'm really enjoying all the people there. They are writerly, clever, and kind, and I think it's going to be a heck of a time.
Tags: writing

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