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Writer's Weekend, Day 3

Day 3 was the Big Day, wall-to-wall panels and pitches and appointments and the banquet. I started at 8:30 AM and wrapped it up at 11 PM or so, completely wrung out.

And I enjoyed all of it.The 9 AM pitch session was the only down moment of the day: I was so keyed up about it that my pitch to Tor was not what I wanted it to be. I bounced back, though, and licked my wounds attending a panel by Duane of the U Bookstore and readings by Lorelei Shannon, evego, and Jim MacDonald and Debra Doyle.

I got a big thumbs up in pitch #2. The best part of the day was my reading. I think I had four people in the audience, about what I expected. I read from an older project (reading from what I was pitching would have been a bit much). I started late and read pretty well, and won a strong, positive reaction from the audience. It made me so happy to connect like that. Readings from my work are definitely on my list of "Things to Do More Often."

I moderated a panel in here somewhere, about "Shared Worlds". I think we talked about Spider-Man, the Rhino, and Star Wars. It's a blur, honestly.

I was pulled from attending a panel to go to pitch session #3 twenty minutes early, but the schedule change didn't phase me. The crowded food nook where I pitched didn't phase me. I had nine minutes to pitch my manuscript (to an agent), and closed the deal in about 7 minutes. I used the remaining 2 minutes to pitch the book I'd done the reading from. My enthusiasm from the reading must have carried over, because that manuscript was requested as well. I'm convinced that if I had pitched that well at 9 AM, I'd be sending a requested manuscript to Tor tomorrow.

A lunchtime discussion about writing groups in prison was oddly uplifting. There is apparently a "Lifer's Workshop" in the Monroe State Penitentiary. Matt Ruff has spoken to the writers there, and it turns out that they have pretty much the same questions and concerns as any other writers. It occurred to all of us that prison life would certainly provide lots of time for writing and revision, but our dreams of prison solitude were crushed by the detail that prisoners are not allowed computers or most other useful writing tools.

Finally, the Gothic Banquet. alg makes a very funny Mall Rat Goth Kid. Her pouty look of Hot Topic sulkiness was spot-on. And that's all I have to say about that. The costumes were mostly well thought-out. I was lucky to own enough black to get by, honestly. I'm more Teutonic than Goth, honestly.

Matt and Lisa were kind enough to save us good seats (we arrived late). We met Alma Alexander (author of the Chinese fantasy The Secrets of Jin-shei (Amazon link)) over dinner, and then over a drink. She's one of those interesting people who has lived all over the world, and now lives near Seattle. shellyinseattle is reading some of her work. She noted it was blurbed by Jennifer Fallon, one of her new favorite fantasy writers.

Today, a whole lot of nuthin' going on. I'm enjoying a real day off for the first time in weeks. Apparently summer arrived when I wasn't paying attention. It's nice.


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