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African Imports

Holy cow, scarlettina points out that Amadou & Mariam, my secret gems of Afro-pop goodness, have been discovered by the NYTimes. The Times is often the last to arrive to tech or culture trends, and in this case they seem to have found them newsworthy because A&M performed at a New York venue of some kind. In any case, the reporting floats a fluffy promotional profile about the new album, Dimanche à Bamako and includes two sample tracks at 30 seconds each.

I first discovered A&M on Benn Loxo du Taccu, the African audio-blog listed in the blogroll to the left. In typical "first taste is free" style, I heard just two songs and was quickly hooked. I bought the albums Wati and Sou Ni Tile, both different, both wonderful. Their horns are bright and cheerful, their guitar is flowing but never noodling, and their voices are like a Francophone Ray Charles: soulful, a bit funky and bluesy, always toe-tapping. The new album is a bit of a departure but I hope to pick it up by the end of the year.

I recommend them, though (as a music snob), I am now required by law to declare that "I liked them better before they sold out."
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