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Needs Meme

From mckitterick

To Create a Google "Needs" Meme:
1) Enter "[your name here] needs" in a Google search.
2) Read through the link descriptions, looking for those that actually form a sentence.
3) Post the first 15.
4) Enjoy!

1. Wolfgang needs to do some learning.
2. Wolfgang needs a family with unwavering commitment and perseverance.
3. Wolfgang needs to pay more attention to things like generating lighter, less sugary sauces.
4. Wolfgang needs to specify only composers.
5. Wolfgang needs to cushion and protect the berries inside the bag.
6. Wolfgang needs to visit Eats on Ponce for far juicer chicken at almost half the price.
7. Wolfgang needs also to know who else will apply for EU grants.
8. Wolfgang needs no such adjustment.
9. Wolfgang needs cooks, and servers.
10. Wolfgang needs to go.
11. Wolfgang needs a navigator.
12. Wolfgang needs us to find him a friend.
13. Wolfgang needs not to ask for any more trips on this card.
14. Wolfgang needs a serious break.
15. Wolfgang needs to go back to making submarine movies.


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Oct. 9th, 2005 03:55 am (UTC)
Anne Needs a Job
Anne Needs Help
Anne needs a room
Anne needs a group of at least 6 people
Anne needs love
Anne needs to be where the action is
Anne needs your support
Anne needs your prayers
anne needs some cheering up
Anne needs to keep as fit as possible
Anne needs open lines of communication
Anne needs a pretty street
Anne needs to be at least pardoned for the crimes she didn't commit
Anne needs one more week to put together single, concise example
Anne needs help to free musical spirit of azerbaijani
Oct. 9th, 2005 07:37 pm (UTC)
Jay Needs
1. Jay needs snow.
2. Jay needs your votes for mascot.
3. Jay needs to sharpen his sarcasm.
4. Jay needs a home where he is the only child or the other siblings are male.
5. Jay needs more information on filter strips and how effective they would be on his farm.
6. Jay needs advice.
7. Jay needs to dump Maia.
8. Jay needs someone to touch his hand before he can proceed through an automatic door at the supermarket.
9. Jay needs help!
10. Jay needs people for his Community Service Day committee!
11. Jay needs to take stronger actions in this area.
12. Jay needs to keep pushing this issue, both on a local and on a national level.
13. Jay needs your help again!
14. Jay needs you to answer this question using the movies database.
15. Jay needs to take a few years off of bodybuilding, get more aesthetic, and get rid of that 7th grade bowl cut.
Oct. 9th, 2005 08:58 pm (UTC)
Sigfried needs litter, glitter everywhere.

Sigfried needs frequently asked questions.

Sigfried needs a dozen grand ideas.

Sigfried needs mongoose publishing.

Sigfried needs his indean blood brother as a foil to excel and love himself.

Sigfried needs volunteers to help children create crafts.

Sigfried needs someone to make a pdf of the netbook of feats.

Sigfried (does not) need anything fancy.

Sigfried needs conflict and war.

Sigfried needs to join EN world before he can post messages.

Sigfried needs a diary of a network geek.

Sigfried needs a World o'crap.

Sigfried needs Sig Weber's Playground.

Sigfried needs a DM online website.

Sigfried needs cognition and practice.
Oct. 9th, 2005 11:57 pm (UTC)
I'm pretty amused that at least 4 of these are directly gaming-related. And #1 is pretty good too.
Oct. 10th, 2005 12:25 am (UTC)
That's because they were directly me related. Not too many Sigfrieds on the web with my name spelling since its not the proper spelling.
Oct. 10th, 2005 02:46 am (UTC)
I originally didn't think I needed to post my results, but they seemed noteworthy. I mean, number 4 alone!

1. Brigitte needs to find someplace to hide David’s anniversary present.
2. Brigitte needs some work on her right hook, her jab, her left upper cut…
3. BRIGITTE needs about 156k bytes of main storage for the program and the I/O buffers.
4. Brigitte needs to shoot up in order to keep her wolfishness at bay.
5. Mme Brigitte needs your help in the kitchen to make French Pastries.
6. Brigitte needs professional help to come to terms with her demons.
7. Brigitte needs some HELP...and who better than you!
8. Brigitte needs to pull up that dress :puke:
9. Brigitte needs to supply more detail.
10. brigitte needs tickets for taking back sunday on wednesday, oct. 27th in Nashville.
11. Brigitte needs no one else, because you are there--always and forever.
12. Brigitte needs an excuse to get out of her room.
13. Brigitte needs to pee, but Ryan won't let her in.
14. Brigitte needs the "big bed."
15. Brigitte needs to compromise.
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