Wolfgang Baur (the_monkey_king) wrote,
Wolfgang Baur

Chile Kayak Expedition

So I was shopping for some new boots last night at REI, and I stumbled into the best trekking talk I've heard in a while. Rob Walker and Katie Holm gave an hour-long talk and photo presentation of their 1800-mile+ expedition along the Chilean Passage to Tierra Del Fuego. It looked completely like the ends of the earth: ice, rain, and mountains. But it wasn't just a nature show: They're from Seattle, and they showed their coffee mugs, the oddball pictures of catching fish, seeing seals and all that majestic nature stuff — but they also showed the pictures of the swarms of flies on their tent flaps, and washing dishes along the ocean shore.

Given they climate, they had a lot of REI sponsorship to cover yards of Gore-Tex, solar-powered GPS, satellite phone, collapsible kayaks, and other amazing gear. In other words, these are wilderness geeks who know what to do in iceberg-infested waters. As seattleinshelly said "Risque for them is stripping down to their turtlenecks."

I think I'm going to like my new boots, even if they never take me to Chile.
Tags: geeks, travel, wilderness
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