Wolfgang Baur (the_monkey_king) wrote,
Wolfgang Baur

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We Have a Winnah!

I found a CD in the mail yesterday. I didn't recognize the return address, but I opened it up and there was a shrink-wrapped CD in it, by a band called The M's. I looked for a receipt showing I'd ordered the thing, but nothing. I figured, maybe I ordered based on a single, scanned the track list, nothing looks familiar.

Pop it in the car CD player. Doesn't sound familiar, though I like the retro crunchy guitar, and it's growing on me. Then it hits me: I entered a silly contest on the Shake Your Fist audioblog recently, and I won! I am the most forgetful contest entrant evah.

It's an album I would never have bought, but I'm really digging the sheer randomness of it. Think I'll leave it in the player for a while.
Tags: audioblogs, chicago, music
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