Wolfgang Baur (the_monkey_king) wrote,
Wolfgang Baur

Pirates and Gamers Everywhere

When shellyinseattle and I were interviewing real estate agents, the gaming collection scattered around the house was a point of interest to one of the agent. He was a huge D&D geek, and he knew all the 2E settings and books. I'm not sure it was a point in his favor: smooth-talking sales serpents and imaginative, slightly compulsive gamers rarely inhabit the same body.

We hired the Real Estate Gamer anyway, since he was working with a partner who was a smooth-talker of the Old School.

Today, we signed on the closing. Our escrow agent was a nice guy, and gaming came up. Okay, it was introduced in about the same tone as folks usually throw out a gambit such as "How about them Seahawks?". It was a commonplace topic of conversation. As it turns out, Mr. Escrow stood in the cold for 12 hours for his Xbox 360, and he still has the character sheets from his D&D games years ago.

Yes, we've taken over. In marginally related news, the Pirates of the Caribbean 2 (Windows Media Format) trailer has leaked (hat tip to gmskarka). Grab a copy.

Update: Trailer is gone from that link. Also, further evidence of gaming supremacy: the Lego dungeon called Brickquest (via Boing Boing).
Tags: gaming, movies
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