Wolfgang Baur (the_monkey_king) wrote,
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Tic Tacs

We had a mouse in the attic. And "dealing with rodents" falling decidedly into the "man's business" side of the household, Shelly insisted I Do Something.

Our attic isn't one of those storage spaces with a wooden floor and a light switch. It's a crawlspace, with no light, no flooring (just beams and a few chunks of wood and wiring so old that it uses ceramic knobs and bare wire. The mouse's access point was right along the eaves, where there's no room to move. I got out a flourescent utility lamp (very nice, 100 watts, no heat), a minivac, and some wood and aluminum foil. Why foil? Because no mammal in its right mind will try to chew through aluminum foil.

The point of access was right where a big morning glory vine climbed up the side of the house, and the mice had used some of the stalks as nesting material. So, in yet another, morning glory is my freaking nemesis. The stuff can grow through a sealed window, through siding, or through concrete.

Oh, and the sound of mouse droppings zipping into the minivac? Sounds just like tic tacs.
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