Wolfgang Baur (the_monkey_king) wrote,
Wolfgang Baur

Alliterates Assemble, More or Less

Some months the writer's group is a full house. Most months we have one or two empty chairs. This time out, we were missing three of the irregulars and one of the regulars, just as we had a guest in to see whether to extend him an invitation to join the group. Ouch.

Margaritas helped us kill the pain, and the small group was certainly chatty enough. Topics of discussion included:
  • The tragic tale of "The Making of Crimson Skies" video

  • Editors who met Jackie O

  • The value of repetition, repetition, repetition

  • The unfortunate mortality of agents

  • Dark Princes and their schemes for World Domination Through Literature

  • 1001 ways not to publish
Ok, we were a bit maudlin about the state of the industry, and yet cheerful about our individual works-in-progress. Writers are optimists who love to complain.

On the drive home, I saw lightning and heard thunder twice, and then ran into a slushy rainstorm. At first this was just sleet that stuck to the windshield, but it soon turned to thick snowy slush so thick it blanketed the highway in just minutes. My wipers couldn't keep up. Traffic slowed to about 25 mph because traction disappeared. I was glad to make it to the carport without further incident.
Tags: agents, alliterates, irregulars, writing

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