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Trolls and Gazeteer

I turned over a world gazeteer, the last of a feature series to Paizo on Thursday. Honestly, I'm glad to see it go. It's much harder staying true to another writer's work than it is to keep track of one's one, but this particular sandbox is one that I enjoy too much to mess up. Which is to say I did many hours of research for an article that barely tops 9000 words.

I always tell myself I should just stick to my own worlds and materials, but then, you know, Paizo offers me a chunk of Adventure Path 3 or the like. It's tough to say no, because it just sounds so cool. So I said yes to an adventure for around 18th level, late in the Adventure Path. Deadline: next year.

This morning I completed a draft short story at the Fairwoods writing session with Johnzo John Pitts. All the short story elements that I put into play in the last couple weeks came together much more readily than they have for previous short story efforts. It has trolls and some good combat sequences, plus an arty fillip that probably needs to come out. That is, it needs a sharp critique and at least one round of polish. Still, done is done, and off it goes to the Alliterates for review and pummelings.

Being sleep-deprived seems to make getting into the imaginative groove a little easier. Wouldn't recommend it, though.


Mar. 13th, 2006 04:43 am (UTC)
Clearly, sleep deprivation does its ugly work. I meant John Pitts. Sorry for the confusion.

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