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Retro Turnover Day

My scanner has been on the blink lately, so I couldn't scan in the maps for the Impossibly Huge WotC Project. Given that I had to get paper copies turned over regardless, I figured, might as well go all retro and actually deliver a manuscript in paper form. I made the turnover of the Impossibly Huge WotC Adventure in person today.

I printed the whole thing out and drove it down to Renton. Traffic was light, and the rain was just enough to wet the pavement. Let me assure you, the manuscript is more impressive in paper form than any 4 MB file could be. It's 400 pages long, with maps, storyboards, art orders and things tucked in. It weighed pounds and pounds. I liked hefting it, and it feels like a bigger accomplishment when it's sitting in a big stack with rubberbands on it.

In any case, I met a new designer and chatted with Gwendolyn Kestrel, Rich Baker, Michele Carter, Christopher Perkins, Bruce Cordell, and Ed Stark, among others. The developers were sadly all out of the office, but I dunno, it was nice to actually see the faces behind the games again. Hell, Rich was hired at TSR the same month I was. We go back.

I may do this sort of turnover more often with Seattle publishers. The NYC turnovers might be a bit much.


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