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The Prodigal Beetle

Last night I found the May issue of Dungeon in the mailbox. It's got a snazzy Cthulhu reference on the cover and the conclusion of the Age of Worms inside — and I found one of my children in it as well. This one is a monstrous child from Dragon #277, where it was one of the "Monsters of the Underdark," the giant scarab beetle.

Mmy first reaction on reading the adventure background was a vague sense of deja vu, just a "That sounds sorta kinda familiar" tingle. I saw that art and the vague feelings was quickly followed by "Yowza, it is familiar!" The giant scarab beastie is all grown up now, upgraded to 3.5, with a whole adventure built around it! It's got great art, a massive Jump bonus, and the word "refractory" in its writeup. I'm so glad to see it's doing well out there in the big shared world.

I have designer Michael Kortes and artist Ramon Perez to thank for adopting them. Thanks, guys. I guess people just love the Beetles.


Apr. 6th, 2006 09:08 am (UTC)
Yup; it actually turned out to be a really nifty little adventure. We'd had several variants of the "Cattle Drive" adventure come through the slush pile over the last year, and each time they showed up I made the sour face and said, "No Way." It wasn't until the Underdark and giant beetles and intelligent ropes entered the picture that I finally let Assistant Editor Jeremy Walker convince me to give this one a try... that, and Michael Kortes had done some good stuff for us before. I'm glad he convinced me, in the end! It's pretty keen! And it [i]was[/i] fun to bring back those cool shiny beetles! :)

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