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In the Mail

I got a letter from Senator Barack Obama yesterday, and an appeal from Nobel prizewinner Toni Morrison today (you know she's a writer because it's 8 pages long…). It may be junk mail, but it's a better class of junk mail than I'm used to. Now if only I got appeals from Andy Goldsworthy, Bruce Sterling, or Tim Berners-Lee. A geek can hope, I suppose.

Dragon issue 343 arrived as well and let me tell you, it's a keeper. Not just because of my two contributions, the rune golem and the white hart, though I'm very happy with them (and they both scream "use me in an adventure!").

No, I'm happy with this one because, for the first time in a while, I really want to read most of it. For the last few years, Dragon suffered some reverses, and some months, I hesitate to admit, the only things I read were First Watch and the comics. Too much crunch, not enough flavor. That trend has balanced out a little in the last year or so, with improvements all around. This month, three highlights:
  • First Watch includes DragonFist, Ptolus, and a reference to Sigfried Trent and co's Netbook of Feats. With a punny graphic, no less.

  • Awesome art in the Creature Collection leadoff reminds me "A Paladin in Hell" from 1E PHB, makes me want to read the whole collection. And the monsters are all good. Makes me feel better that my Eberron-flavored creature was cut for space.

  • The Ecology of the Ettercap: One of my favorites from 1E FF gets the treatment, oh yes. Nice work.

It feels like one of those turning point issues, and it's just in time, since next month's issue is the superdeluxe 30th anniversary issue.


Apr. 7th, 2006 04:38 pm (UTC)
Re: Dragon
Yeah, there was a sense of that, but I think they're building some kind of balancing act now.

I don't think the pre-100 feel is ever quite going to come back: I mean, they printed a lot of things for the first time then, because the whole game was new. Plus, hey, old schoolers are old and jaded by definition, right?

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