Wolfgang Baur (the_monkey_king) wrote,
Wolfgang Baur

Back in Black

I'm back.

It may take some time to clear the weeds out of the inbox, but really, I'm overflowing with news. The backlog is likely to wash over these pages with the scouring, riverbed-shifting power of a spring flood.

Today's happy news: I got the compiled manuscript for the Beowulf anthology today, and I'm looking forward to reading the Ed Greenwood and Lynn Abbey stories. Also saw Neal Gaiman pimp a NYT article describing the many Beowulf projects (reg req) coming soon. It's a good time to publish a Beowulf anthology, methinks.

Today's sad news: Alas, my sister brickiebee99's visit is done and gone, o woe, o woe. We had a great weekend, visiting four (!) restaurants, meeting some locals for brunch (which Mr. Grubb nails as an "Algonquin roundtable of discussion"), and generally catching up on family things.
While visiting the International District we lucked into the Kobo at Higo (annoying Flash) baby wares event. Sis bought a baby hat for her Linnea; I bought the neices some Ugly Dolls. The relatively newer Kobo location is a true marvel, triple the size of the old one, and just as addictive to design geeks and Asian art fans.

Today's design news: Two Open Design artists came through with covers, two didn't, but seeing the art has definitely gotten the game design engine running. Someday I'd like to do a project where the art comes first, and the writing comes later.
I'm still looking for patrons (details on the patron project), but the project's just become so good that I'll use the results in some form regardless. That is, if not enough patrons signs up, I'll pitch it to Paizo or another publisher. Which is not intended as a pitch to you, dear reader, just saying that I'm getting a design high out of the work and the results are better than average. Given that I went into this with a fair amount of fear and hesitation, this is no small thing.
I will blog about What I've Learned another time. You have been warned.
Tags: beowulf, kobo, open design, prodigal blogger returns
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