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I've spent more than 12 hours today writing in various venues. Hit the rewrite in the morning with the Fairwoods gang, did about 25 pages of novel updates. Wish someone had told me sooner than Chapter 1 still sucked, but was totally fixable. So much useless exposition. And the blocking! Needed some work.

Apparently my fiction skills are not 1337, they are teh suxx0r still improving. In fact, I think I may still be on the exponential part of that asymptotic curve. Yes, I said asymptotic. I have vague memories of a math class, and an S-curve.

I did the Suzallo thing for the afternoon, which was great until the Summer Hours kicked me out at 5 PM. I wrote huge demonic stacks of additional text and maps for the Impossibly Huge WotC project. I've just about put a stake through it (again). Except for some maps.

I've done another 10,000 words of design/development on it since final turnover. It's looking better all the time, and I absolutely love some of the little bits I've discovered from a close review of the manuscript. Michele Carter is an editing goddess, and that's all I have to say about that.


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Jul. 3rd, 2006 03:12 pm (UTC)
I was giving magicnoire a quick and dirty tour of UW after Writer's Weekend, so I showed her Suzello and the reading room. And got reminded of how pretty it all is.

Sometimes I've thought of going there to get some writing done, but it most often seems a bit out of the way :(

Still, very cool :D
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