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Riding the Tech Bus

The fallout from Shelly's accident is still coming. Since she no longer has a car, we're trying to figure out ways to get her to work without making my life too much more complicated. Part of that involves her finding new ways to get around until we have an insurance settlement in hand and she can consider buying herself a new car. Part of it just means less ability to go work out at the Pro Club. Part of it involves me finding other ways to get to work.

So, at 8:15 this morning, I took the 242 bus to work. The bus is free for me; Microsoft subsidizes the fare to encourage folks to get out of their cars. It was a 45 minute ride over the bridge to Overlake/Redmond, then a 7 minute walk to my building. Total time door to door: one hour. The bus was clean and fairly nice (seats and all), but crowded starting at the Park & Ride stop after mine.

My father tells me that Scott Turow wrote one novel, Presumed Innocent, in 25 minute sections aboard his Chicago-Wilmette commuter train. I can believe that books can get written this way, and I'm sure it doesn't hurt that a train is a little smoother than a bus. Of the tech-heavy crowd aboard the bus, at least half were Microsoft employees, and about a quarter were using their micro-laptops on the trip. My laptop is a little on the heavy side, so I just read my book. Tonight I may crack out the laptop. Weird to think that my best writing room might be a bus. I'm not at all convinced I can get anything done in 25 minutes, but what the hell, I'll try it.


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Sep. 2nd, 2003 06:44 pm (UTC)
Good luck! Seems that most NY editors get all their work done during the commute.

Sep. 4th, 2003 05:40 am (UTC)
Sorry to hear about the accident. Glad that it looks like everything is going to be ok. See you at Cardhaus sometime? Or the Matrix perhaps?

Sep. 4th, 2003 03:05 pm (UTC)
I'll definitely be there sometime, but with the book, the car, and the guests, it wasn't happening lately.

When's the next Matrix tournament? And what's the new location like?
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