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Revision So Close to Complete!

I've combed through the first 90 pages of the Venice book, and made good revisions. Taking 7 months away from it gave me a chance to see it much more clearly. It has definite Big Issues (several chapters that just need to disappear!), but it's fixable into something workable. I was astonished at how much junk was littering the draft, but I feel much, much better about submitting it to Bantam this way than in its prior form.

Also some good progress on Eberron today. Not the word-count kind (added about 1,500, tops), but I ramped up the quality of the text throughout my section, wove in a few things that were floating around loose. Now I just need an exit line for the project. It's tough because Eberron can be kind of a big downer: lots of treachery, betrayal, ultraviolence, zealotry, extremism, and the general barely-concealed insanity that we call "the human condition in time of war". Heroism, too, but war is really about human stupidity and that's never pretty.

Oh, and there's an interview with Joss Whedon on his writing process, on cinematography vs comic artists, and on writing for comics vs movies. It's burbling and fannish and fun. Ignore the weird slow start about Stan Lee.

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