Wolfgang Baur (the_monkey_king) wrote,
Wolfgang Baur

Too Hot To Sleep

The only problem with sleeping upstairs is that it's insanely hot. I'm tempted to go sleep downstairs on the new rug that arrived today. We bought a Sarough (from a village near Arak in Iran) rather than the Qum museum piece I drooled over. Given the absolutely insane price of the Qum, it wasn't difficult to say no. But damn.

I blame Al-Qadim for the origins of my carpet buying. Flying Persian rugs are a great daydream (did I mention the heat? A flying carpet would create a nice breeze.), and so we actually did buy a red machine-woven Karastan shortly after moving out here. It's been our entryway rug ever since. Then we splurged on a blue Gabbeh (tribal weave) runner which we've always complimented ourselves on, hang the price.

Now the Sarough. It is a thing of beauty. Deer, lions, flowers, birds, all in blue, green, red, pink, all the colors of a thousand and one nights. But I still can't sleep.
Tags: carpets, damn the heat
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