Wolfgang Baur (the_monkey_king) wrote,
Wolfgang Baur


I lack a theme today. Everything falls apart.
  • The Rio is officially FULL. 20 GB of music, all of which I like, with cross-fading, the DJ thing, the glowing docking station. How can it be full?
  • I cooked canned pineapple on the grill today. It tasted great. Better than the bratwurst we ate it with. (ok, it might be time to go grocery shopping)
  • Software was all about updates today. IE 7 beta 3, NPCD, WMP11, Semagic version 1 million and twelve.
  • Thoth, the god of writing and wisdom, was also a fan of monkeys. Or rather, baboons were his sacred animals, and I now have a small baboon figurine (made in Egypt) watching over my writing desk. Strangely comforting. Will require additional monkeys soon.
  • Started uncrating game books with an eye toward future projects. I need to run a regular meat-and-potatoes D&D campaign for the rest of the year. Hamunaptra might be fun, with a little less emphasis on actual Egypt and more Howard-style barbarians. Might just be the monkey talking.
  • Reading "Arrows of the Queen" by Lackey. It's perfectly pitched for its audience: sentient horses, nasty families, a bit of Mary Sue, and no one understands. Despite being miles outside the target demographic, it draws me in even when I'm dissecting structure. The exposition in dialogue is mildly painful in the early going, but the story arc and scene transitions are well-paced and the whole thing can't be more than 60,000 words. Reminds me a little of Andre Norton: get in, tell the story, get out. And the setting seems perfect for an RPG.
Tags: monkey, no topic in particular thank you very mu, pineapple, software, structure
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