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I saw the Blue Angels practicing today for Seafair, flying their fighter jets around Lake Washington, climbing, sharp turns, making enormous noise you could hear from miles away. They don't move like slow, steady, normal planes. I didn't recognize them at first, as they banked, then stooped like hawks to the kill.

In previous years, I enjoyed them, in an odd way: speed, precision, human potential, etc. Today they just made me think of war, war, war, and more war. Politics and our warmongering president have changed them for me, from aerial acrobatics to just another sign of militarism. Watching them nip in and out of the Seattle skyline — and then vanish entirely below my sight — wasn't reassuring.

Part of my unease may stem from the Vanity Fair article on the NORAD military response five years ago, taken from audio tape at the time. We had 4 fighter planes defending the entire east coast and out to Chicago. Four.
Tags: flight, hawks, jets
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