Wolfgang Baur (the_monkey_king) wrote,
Wolfgang Baur

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My Thumbs Ache

Back in the misty past (about 1999), my buddy frabjousdave had a wonderful console called the Dreamcast. There was one game that made that system worthwhile, that made smacktalk the order of the day: Soul Calibur. It rocked my little world.

Tragically, time moves on, the planets advance ever onward in their orbits, and gamers abandon old systems when shiny new ones arrive. It's the way of things. Sure, I missed kicking Dave around, but it couldn't last. I mean, the XBox shipped in 2001, after all. And Dave owned the console, which meant he got more practice, and eventually, that's no good. And he got to be good with creepy Voldo, which was also somewhat disturbing.

Now the XBox has Soul Calibur 2, with full Dolby 5-channel audio, more goodies, and Spawn. I lured Dave over for a visit last night, and for 30 rounds of mayhem, I was the master. Then the beer kicked in and the results are a little hazy. But it was very, very fine, and today, my thumbs ache with the ache of victory.
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