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Full House for the Oracle

I've always wanted to speak with the divine voice of prophecy. Last night, I got my chance in our second Egyptian game session using the Hamunaptra rules.

Last time was all setup: the hook, desert trek and establishing character of the first session. I wanted this evening to have a little more traditional D&D action while still advancing story pretty quickly. Thus, when the party arrived at the Temple of the Oracle of Aten, they were denied entry despite carrying Pharoah's seal as proof of their worthiness to meet the oracle. That led to some further biggish clues that Something Was Amiss.

Investigation made it clear that they could try to enter the temple either in disguise, fighting their way in the front door, or through a set of neglected catacombs.

Yeah, you can guess which route they picked. The two halflings and the priestess of Set got to shine more this time around, as there were traps to disarm, undead to rebuke, and much sneaking around once inside the temple. Religious knowledge of a heretical splinter sect played a biggish part.

The druid had one of the best pure-roleplaying moment, impersonating the Oracle with a hat of disguise (and no Bluff skill!) while trying to fool some of the temple servants. He rolled a "1" at the crucial moment, and well, it went downhill from there. Just as in Call of Cthulhu, sometimes it's the spectacular failures that make for memorable story moments.

And I got to deliver my prophecy. For once, the slight echo in our living room totally worked to my advantage.

In two weeks: uh oh, the oracle said what?



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Sep. 4th, 2006 08:36 am (UTC)
Glad to hear that you're enjoying Hamunaptra. It's a setting that I picked up because my wife and I really have an interest in Ancient Egypt. One in that I was a bit worried about, in terms of how they would pull it off. I think that they did an admirable job in a tough situation, in that I mean incorporating the core races into Ancient Egypt was a tough task to face.

Keep the updates on the game coming, if you don't mind, as I'd love to hear more about how it plays and how the group responds to the feel of the campaign.
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