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Do You Feel Safe?

It's been two years, and I definitely don't feel any safer — do you?

I work at Microsoft, a place that's at least as good a target at the Seattle bridges or the Space Needle. Like all of Seattle and the West Coast, I live in range of North Korean nukes. I don't see matters improving any time soon. Given the belligerent style and dismissive actions of our recent foreign policy, I have zero confidence that either Korea or the Middle East are being handled competently. Where are the grown-ups who really understand what the nation stands to gain or lose in foreign affairs? It makes me pine for Kissinger's cold calculations, or Albright's pragmatism, or even George Shultz's shuttle diplomacy.

The most infuriating thing is considering what might have been with better leaders. Slate's recent summary of how Bush blew a historic opportunity pretty much sums up my feelings today.


Sep. 12th, 2003 09:29 pm (UTC)
dubya is ya-ya
Indeed, it's truly a sin (this from a non-organized-religious type) what the Bush Gang has done to our standing in the world. For pete's sake, France loved us for a while after that incident! Now no one does. In fact, what the BG has done has made us target #1 for all terrorists around the world. If that isn't evil, what is?

What can his true motivation be? Doesn't make sense that this is a "war against terror" when any reasonable person will tell you that there's no such thing: Giving "face" to terrorists supports them like nothing else. And a "war against terror" can only radicalize dissatisfied people.

Feck and arse. Lemme tell you, I'm SOOOO glad to live in Kansas at this juncture...


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