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Weekend Goes Poof

Busy weekend, so just a quick update:

We wrapped up the Egypt campaign on Saturday, and things went mostly well. Three heroes invoked some Egyptian gods and were granted giant solar disks as marks of favor. I've always thought that the big glowy spheres over the heads of Egyptian gods should have literal equivalents, and in this game they did. Oh, and they saved Egypt. But for me, really, it was all an excuse to hand out the glowy solar disks.

Speaking of Egypt, this Dying Salt Trade of the Sahara bit did get worked into the campaign as well. There are, it seems, still people who make their living quarrying salt in the desert and carrying it out to civilization. Long may they prosper.

Sunday we started moving things out of the garage, and there is hope that the car will be sheltered under a roof, perhaps as soon as Thanksgiving. This is something that has never happened to this particular car, so I'm sure it will come as a shock. Frost this morning, so it's just in time.

Still writing but only twice a week, which makes me cranky. No progress on second novel, but I'm already 10,000 words into the Adventure Path that I'm doing for Paizo. 10,000 words made entirely of stat blocks. Stat blocks that I quarried myself, and then carried out of the Sahara.


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Oct. 31st, 2006 01:39 pm (UTC)
Stat blocks are not the most fun part about the process, this I can vouch for.
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