Wolfgang Baur (the_monkey_king) wrote,
Wolfgang Baur

Grandfather's Letters, Beowulf Ships, Universal Key

The weather is miserable, but the mailbox is full of goodies. In particular, good things come in threes:
  1. All of my grandfather's letters to my great-aunt Bogna in Poland. I'm delighted to have them (they cover from the 50s to the 1980s), but I can only read about half of them (the ones in German). My grandfather spoke Russian, Polish, German, and English, and he could recite all the titles and offices of the Czar (because they were beaten into him at a young age). He was a man who survived most of the 20th century despite being at the ground zero of WWII. After the war, he moved to Minneapolis and made a good life, or at least a more peaceful one. I'm very pleased to be entrusted with these letters; families that have fled as refugees as often as mine has don't have a lot of heirlooms.
  2. My anthology has arrived! Two copies of Further Adventures of Beowulf (Amazon) arrived in my mailbox today. My co-authors are Lynn Abbey, Ed Greenwood, and Jeff "Grubb Street" Grubb, so I definitely feel like the new kid in this bunch. Pleased as punch to see the actual, physical *thing*, though. Also means I can apply for SFWA membership based purely on fiction credits. If you'd like a copy of your own, please do pick one up. I'm awfully proud of this one, though it's just a wee thing.
  3. The next one of my Clockwork Wonders is available for viewing. It's a lovely little item that grows out of an idea I first wrote for Dungeon (and they kept the reference to the Paizo source!). Fun series of articles, even though only half of them turned out the way I expected.

I wonder what will be in the mailbox tomorrow?
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