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The Guns of Karrnath?

My Eberron project, The Forge of War, has been officially announced, so I guess I can discuss it here, insofar as my NDA allows.
  • Yes, it's an Eberron book about the Last War.

  • Yes, I wrote it with mouseferatu and James Wyatt.

  • Yes, I wrote a lot of history and battle descriptions, as well as a little crunch.

  • James and I politely disagreed about some questions of historical motives (and as the in-house guy, I'm sure he gets the last word).

  • I patched up the gaps of Eberron's timeline, and I think people are in for a few surprises.

That about covers it; beyond that, I'm off the NDA, I think.

It's a project I enjoyed, but despite spending a fair amount of time sorting through the fine points and contradictions of the setting, Eberron hasn't quite won me over. Maybe it's just because I've been reading so much darker stuff lately (Poe, Stross, and Mieville), but Eberron's pretensions to noir aren't cutting it for me. Halflings on dinosaurs, magic trains, and the evil cardinals of the Silver Flame all add up to "slightly campy pulp" to me, not noir. That said, The Forge of War plays it straight: no jokes, no humor, downplay the goofy elements as much as possible. It's a military-focussed book, written to detail and incorporate the defining events of the setting. I'll be very curious to hear what people say about it.

Part of me wants to write an all-warforged Eberron one-shot done up in a Sgt. Rock or Nick Fury style, maybe for Open Design, maybe just to run for a local group. Everyone goes out in a blaze of glory!


Jul. 8th, 2007 03:03 pm (UTC)
Re: Titles
Oh, certainly - no argument that people originally MEANT well in many of these situations. It's all back to the fact that very few people TRY to be evil or see themself in this light... which is, of course, another of Eberron's themes, hence the whole "An Eberron campaign should cause you to question preconceptions about alignment" bit in Chapter Nine of the ECS.

When I was speaking about the Lycanthropic Purge, my point is that it wasn't *one-sided*. People often assume the Purge was an instance of "helpless lycanthropes being hunted down one by one by ruthless soldiers of the Silver Flame." In fact, when the Purge BEGAN, it was quite the opposite. The church acted in response to a plague of infectious lycanthropy sweeping across the west, bringing an associated wave of death. While lycanthropic alignment isn't tied to FORM in Eberron, it is persistent - an evil werebear creates evil werebears when he transmits the curse, and evil lycanthropes aren't just "evil" (which covers a wide spectrum in Eberron) - they are vicious murderers who delight in killing other intelligent species, especially members of their own race (so even the shifters aren't keen to shelter an evil shifter lycanthrope, since he likes to kill shifters). In the begining, the balance of power was on the sides of the *lycanthropes* - the average soldier of the Silver Flame was a 1st or 2nd level warrior, while lycanthropes have all the power granted by lycanthropy, along with the ability to infect with a single bite. This is all covered in more detail in the Purge dragonshard, but the point is that in the beginning the soldiers of the Silver Flame were placing themselves at terrible risk to try to protect the people of Aundair - this wasn't waking up one morning and deciding "Oh, we feel like cruely exterminating innocent and helpless 'thropes." Towards the END the balance of power shifted - but by this point things were being driven by the madness of war, the paranoia of decades of conflict with a clever enemy who can shift shape and a desperate desire for vengeance for all those lost in the past... As you say, the legitimate fear transformed into madness. Not that you didn't see the loss of innocents (on both sides) earlier, but the "witch trial" vision didn't happen until the end.

As for titles, yes. Again, it's that balance of using words which have some meaning to people - because of our history, I immediately know that a cardinal is a higher rank than a bishop - without being trapped into carrying over all of the cultural baggage that comes with it.
Jul. 8th, 2007 09:39 pm (UTC)
Re: Titles
People often assume the Purge was an instance of "helpless lycanthropes being hunted down one by one by ruthless soldiers of the Silver Flame.

There's a good chance people assume this based on our own perceptions of religion and its ties to history. This is often reinforced by what we see today (far too frequently) on the news. A car bomb here, a matyr there ...and I think people tend to just assume that the targets are innocents. The very phrase "Witchhunt" in today's lexicon often conjures images of people being accused for crimes they didn't commit.

As for this element in the game, I've had a lot of fun with it. I had (before I moved to the Middle East) a group I was running with a shifter that just assumed that all other shifters were innocents and all members of the CotSF were racists bent on his very destruction. He didn't take into consideration that there *are" very evil werewolves out there who delight in killing the innocent. He had his opinion and he stuck to it. This made for fun role-playing, and only went on to emphasise a very real problem. Choosing a side and ignoring that there are shades of grey in every situation.

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