Wolfgang Baur (the_monkey_king) wrote,
Wolfgang Baur

Happiness is Stats, Art, and Freedom

Happiness is a full day's work on freelance for the first time in a week. Other recent bits of happiness includes:
  • Found some very fine Dark*Matter bits at the d20 Modern Wikia (monsters and NPCs, mostly). The kinori conversion is good, and the rakshasa conversion is inspired (they're serial killers, of course). Makes me itchy to run a modern conspiracy game again.
  • Also, saw the art for the China Mieville articles (and cover!) at the Paizo offices on Thursday. My fears are all laid to rest. One looks perfect to me, and the slake moth is excellent. The Weaver is .... Well, insectoid creatures are tough to show with emotional impact, but I think it succeeds in capturing that moray-meets-Anansi look that I associate with the character.
  • I discouraged a patron from signing up recently, which is weird, because the first Open Design thing was all about scrambling to make ends meet. This one, the commission's covered, and there's no reason to accept any patron who isn't really sure whether he's interested or not. This only proves that I'm an absolutely terrible salesman.
  • Wrote the Kobold King sequence, which turned out much grimmer than I expected. The altar description came out of nowhere and made it work for me. But the events make the villains look much, much viler, so it's a positive joy, really. Grim makes me happy.
  • Grilling one's own Moroccan kebabs. It's the cumin/paprika combo that does it.
  • Off to the Devotchka show tonight!

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