November 2nd, 2004


Back From the Polls

I voted for a Green, a Republican, and a Libertarian today, plus a slew of Democrats. I love walking up the hill to my polling place; it's a Christian school that always attracts lots of friendly poll workers. They use paper ballots with optical scanning. Just about the only thing missing is some town crier shouting out "Mr. Baur has voted!" as I put my ballot in the big electronic scanner box. At the time I was there, I was the 321st voter of the day; turnout seems higher than usual.

And, since I don't think the pundits should have all the fun, I'll predict a Kerry victory in the presidential race by roughly 280 or 290 electoral votes.
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Waiting and Waiting

From what I can tell, and I've been tracking it since 5 o'clock Pacific, it's all about Ohio. And the Republicans have decided that lawyers, not people, will decide the outcome in Ohio.

The monorail recall went down in flames. I guess the rest of the country can wait until the morning.