Wolfgang Baur (the_monkey_king) wrote,
Wolfgang Baur

Back to the Keyboard

I took some time off after the big turnover, and that was good, but today was clearly the start of a new round of projects. There's stuff brewing on all fronts, and I'll have lots to talk about at the Alliterates meeting on Monday. It's February, and I'm booking work for September. That's always good.

However, I need to decide just how far to go with some of the smaller (but satisfying) work, and how far to go in keeping up momentum with fiction at the expense of games. I keep saying I'll do less games and more fiction, but I keep doing more games and letting fiction slide.

And yet... The second novel keeps tugging at me. I really want to dig into that again tomorrow.

What else? Got my poem back from The New Yorker, rejected (no surprise, honestly). I feel a certain satisfaction in having at least submitted there. Probably won't happen again, though.
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