Wolfgang Baur (the_monkey_king) wrote,
Wolfgang Baur

Mieville, Shadow Fey, and the Return to the Temple of the Frog

China Mieville will be at the University Bookstore in Seattle for a reading and signing at 7 PM this Friday. He'll be talking about Un Lun Dun, his new YA book, but at a guess, he'll take questions about Perdido Street and sign those as well.

Tomorrow (the 28th!) is the last day for you to patronize me at Open Design, where I've been slaving over the Dark-Fey-Meet-the-Shadow-Plane romp called Castle Shadowcrag, a 96-page adventure for 10th and 11th-level character. For more information and to see the cover mockup, review the project summary. To donate and make my day, click the button below.

Many of my old TSR colleagues will remember the item on the every year's schedule: the Temple of the Frog, named after the Blackmoor module. Well, we never did produce that module at TSR (it was an in-joke and occasionally assigned to the New Kid, IIRC), but a short version of it is now available for free, courtesy of Edward Albert, one of my regular playtesters and a hell of a nice guy. He also games with Greg Vaughan, so you know he's got the chops.
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