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Renaissance and Pathfinder

I love it when folks outside the gaming pond take notice of good work done in that pond. In this case, the good folks at Renaissance Magazine have written up The Savage Tide adventure path and praised it for its goodliness. Not a bad thing in a magazine more often devoted to the lastest archaeological digs in England and the continent, or covering the news of 1453 as they did recently.

Oh, and I made my turnover to Paizo ten minutes ago for "Fortress of the Stone Giants." I think it's even better than "Enemies of my Enemy", as it has a more straightforward action vibe. I'm going to steal at least three of the encounters for my house campaign immediately, that's how much I like them. Perhaps not surprisingly, the playtest notes on this one were short and sweet. Sometimes you can tell that a project came together. I hope my editor agrees.

In any case, meeting the deadline means I get my life back for a while. Expect more posts from me in coming days, though other projects are still lurking in the underbrush. Small, kobold-sized ones, for example.


Jul. 4th, 2007 02:54 am (UTC)
Glad you like EomE! It leans heavily on characters that have been in the game since Gygax, plus the latest and greatest new things from Paizo, so I think its strengths partly rely on foundations laid down long ago. But it was certainly fun to stat out some of those Big Names in a planar-centric, RP-heavy adventure.

I think FotSG and Pathfinder is a very different adventure: more action, more deadly traps and magic, and even some of the humor from the old days. I'll be curious to see how people respond to it. I certainly worked my butt off to help Pathfinder shine, and I have every confidence that James Jacobs and his crew will do right by the Pathfinder books.

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