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The Ineluctable Nature of Pulp

It's been an action-packed (Blam! Socko!) kind of day.
  1. Started off with an interview for a podcast on freelancing and writerly careers, which meant I put on my radio voice for an hour or so. I enjoyed the heck out of that.
  2. My last Dungeon adventure arrived in the mailbox, with the text churned into smooth buttery demonic goodness. James Jacobs and company are doing amazing work tuning manuscripts up to 11. And I think they're rising to the challenge of an adventure path in the Abyss; art, mechanics, and flavor are all really tight. Plus, hey, Iggwilv got bumped up a power level, and the Malcanthet text that I thought would disappear stayed in. So, yea! A great conclusion to my Dungeon years. On to Pathfinder.
  3. Got some comments on an old Eberron thread (in which I remarked that I was not entirely won over by the setting) by the setting's creator, Keith Baker AKA gloomforge. His thoughtful comments are here (scroll waaaaay down). We discuss the nature of pulp and noir; it's always about genre with me, isn't it?
  4. Volume II of Prof. Rateliff's Hobbit treatise has arrived. Read the first chapter, learned Gandalf's name before he became Gandalf.
  5. Made some decisions about Empire of the Ghouls. It's looking good, but my demons need more butter. So to speak.
  6. Finally learned everything I ever wanted to know about platinum (considered worthless until about 1829), and figured out how escapements and crown wheels work. Research, I swear.
  7. New bookshelves arrived. This means I can buy more books! (cue wife groaning in despair)

Not bad for a Saturday. Prediction for Sunday: more typing, less boffo action.


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Jul. 10th, 2007 03:04 am (UTC)
Forge of War
Actually, I just picked up forge of war the other day, and I'm really impressed with it. It was consistent with the setting and actually a very interesting read. I didn't think I'd be interested in it, but I was wrong. Good work!
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