Wolfgang Baur (the_monkey_king) wrote,
Wolfgang Baur

I Are Nominated

The awards season is upon us. Indeed, the Alliterates were discussing the state of the Origins Awards just last night.

Today, I'm pleased to note that Green Ronin Publishing has been nominated for 714 ENnie awards (oh yeah! plus 3 honorable mentions), Paizo is nominated for 5 ENnie awards (plus one honorable — you wuz totally robbed on the Adventure Path, guys), and Privateer Press snags five nominations for one project (way to go Five Fingers!).

Oh, and Open Design is nominated for one. :)

Yeah, I can't quite believe it either; I had to reread it ten times for it to sink in. Congrats to all the nominees. Which includes me.

I will throw down the big steak and champagne tonight and call it a win for Open Design. Swollen head and stupendous joy aside, I am realist enough to know that a limited-edition, patron projects cannot hope to win a fan vote.

But hey, I'm raising the bar on my next one, because you never know.
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