Wolfgang Baur (the_monkey_king) wrote,
Wolfgang Baur

Half Full

It was one of those days, or rather weeks. My daughter has a nasty cold. I toasted my laptop today. A small publisher has told me they can't pay me (at least they're honest about it).

What else? The new Dragon ecology article is a bit of a dud. That's a bit of a shame. While a small part of me is happy that the Big Guys are making KQ look good by comparison, I had very high hopes for the online incarnations of the classic periodicals. So far, they're not meeting those hopes, but I'm in no position to complain about material they offer for free. Kim, Chris, Bart and the gang have months to figure out a new online/PDF formula before they start charging anyone for it.

Despite small disappointments, I'm in an unreasonably good mood. I'm writing. I've shed a few pounds. Three presents I bought myself showed up in the mail (a macabre seal, a Cthulhoid Mayan art piece, and a fine silver coin). I'm reading light-but-fun books. Boris Akunin's Turkish Gambit was exactly the sort of thing you'd love, if you loved 19th century Russian/Turkish war murder mysteries with romantic subplots and load of period flavor. Scott Lynch's Red Sails Under Red Skies is a great caper novel. And it made me laugh.

And fall is here, cold and red and wet. Time to curl up with an ablative coating of paper, and rustle the pages until spring.
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